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About Desi S-Mart

About Desi S-Mart


Founded in the UK with the aim to provide world of authentic groceries with a Desi touch. Desi S-Mart is formed by highly experienced, ambitious and multi-talented group of individuals who are keen to deliver best quality and tasty offering of complete range of Desi Authentic Groceries, Fresh Vegetables and Seasonal Exotic Fruits on a leading online market place in the UK.

Desi S-Mart aims to deliver the best shopping experience at your fingertips and meet the ever growing needs and expectations of our valuable customers across the UK, with great value for money and excellent customer service wide range of quality products on offer.

Nothing else brings us joy and comfort than a good home-cooked meal with all the ingredients and vegetables we grew up with. This passion for food combined with our experience in the retail and wholesale industry has helped us develop Desi S-Mart, for the Smart Individuals who can find and order their favourite products with ease and get them delivered at their doorsteps conveniently.


We, as a family spend at least a good few hours’ every week planning and driving miles away to a grocery store, struggling to find parking, searching for the items we want, carrying heavy items to the car with young children, driving back, and then being exhausted and overwhelmed by the whole day when we could spend that quality time with our beloved children and extended families and friend or taking care of some home chores or plan for our next holiday or for just relaxing!!! With so many supermarket chains delivering groceries conveniently to customer doorsteps, we thought why not Desi S-Mart can also satisfy the needs of all individuals and families who would love to have that personal Desi touch.

Desi S-Mart is created purely to achieve this by making your shopping experience simpler by saving time and create value for money in the ever ending levels of cost escalation. We source your favourite products from various places and deliver directly to your doorsteps periodically (currently once a week). This way we help to reduce the hassle of doing a weekly grocery trip, while our promise to keep prices competitive by maintaining highest possible quality and tasty products.  We are equally committed in doing our bit to the environment by promising to minimize single-use plastics wherever we can. All our packaging is either reusable or recyclable and also one of the major steps towards reducing the plastic or paper is by introducing biodegradable and 100% compostable Siali Leaf Plates for your picnic and party needs while we are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment by using eco-friendly packaging and reducing food waste.


Desi S-Mart, a simple to use, user friendly e-commerce application with a sole mission of making Desi groceries more accessible. Delivering quality fresh vegetables, fruits, and groceries direct to customers doorsteps at competitive rates. Our website is designed in a user friendly way and can create your own account for order placing and future reference of your orders.


With all the challenges and restrictions, it has never been a better time to launch a service, which helps the customers to shop safely and securely. Desi S-Mart is now live and since the day of launch, we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive responses which is a real encouragement.


We are an online grocery store and we are delivering our products directly to your doorsteps once a week. We would soon increase this service to deliver the products twice a week or even more.

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